Trail for singers — finnish folk poetry : epic

Kuusi, Matti; Bosley, Keith
Title: Trail for singers — finnish folk poetry : epic
Authors: Kuusi, Matti (Author)
Bosley, Keith (Author)
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Product form: Paperback
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Publisher: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Series: Suomal. kirj. seur. toim. 601
Edition: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 309
Product family: Folklore and Folkloristics
Library classification: 81.2 Kansansadut. Kansantarinat
A Trail for Singers presents a selection of the ancient epic poetry of the Baltic-Finnish region, from Estonia in the south to Finnish and Russian Karelia in the north. Springing from the same background as the more famous Kalevala, the Finnish 'national epic', the 148 poems in this book bring alive the vanished world of the hunters and fishermen of Karelia and the serfs of Ingria, bound to the land. From ancient myths about the origin of the universe to an eighteenth-century elegy sung to army recruits as they left home, the poems take the reader back to an age when shamanism was still prevalent and show how Christianity replaced the old beliefs. At the same time they are a testimony to the powe of the human imagination and to man's need for art.

Englanninkielinen kertovien kansanrunojemme valikoima. Runot on julkaistu aiemmin kaksikielisessä teoksessa Finnish Folk Poetry: Epic (1977).